The Robert Bentley Memorial Fund

Robert Bentley

Born 12 August 1995, ended his own life on 28 April 2017
21 years, 8 months, 17 days

Directly funding counselling for young adults in Robert's home towns in Buckinghamshire and Powys.

The aim of the fund is to remove barriers to counselling, real or imaginary, for those that urgently need it. Sadly the resources to provide counselling to young adults on the day that they may consider seeking help are not always available. By supporting the Robert Bentley Memorial Fund you will be subsidising private counselling for those individuals that are unable to commence or continue sessions due to financial hardship. One hour of counselling costs the fund £40. Every donation, however small, will go towards buying professional help for someone in need.

24 September 2017, 12:52
The total donated so far is £1633.97 which will pay for 40 hours of counselling. Thank you for your donation, it will be helping someone in need very soon.

5 September 2017
Thank you LK.

30 August 2017
Robert's inquest was today. The coroner concluded that his death was suicide. The Bucks Free Press interpretation of the inquest is here. Those that knew Robert will no doubt notice that the article is not 100% accurate but it doesn't matter. Error free reporting wont bring him back and I am grateful for the publicity that the BFP are generating that will hopefully help someone that is in a similar situation to Robert find another way to deal with their problems. Thank you to KB, AW and DC for helping us through this difficult time.

12 August 2017, 10:57
Update from Vincent Bentley, Robert's father
It is Robert's birthday today. He would have been 22. I went canoeing on the Thames with him and his girlfriend on his 21st birthday. My wife and I are going canoeing today to remember happy times.

24 July 2017, 12:55
Update from Vincent Bentley, Robert's father
I have been in discussion with psychotherapists in the communities where Robert lived and I have had a mixed although favourable response to the aim of the fund. It is the opinion of the majority of professional counsellors that only those individuals that want to be helped, can be helped. This wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear, but it is realistic and I can accept it as such.

The donations that have been made to the fund will pay for private counselling session fees for those that apply to the fund for financial assistance. It is hoped that young people that are unable to get counselling via the NHS when they need it will have their private counselling session fees partly or fully funded to get them started or to keep them going during a period of hardship.

We are developing a process that will enable applicants to remain anonymous to the fund, yet still satisfy the authorities for an audit-able trail of the grants that the fund awards. The therapists and their supervisors will decide how much financial assistance can be requested at a time. Most believe that full funding for four sessions or partial funding for a number of sessions will make private therapy more accessible for young people on low income.